Monday, February 25, 2013


For the past few years I have enjoyed the Oscars with a great group of folks.  Kim hosts a fabulous Oscars party every year.  And- I swear- each year it gets better and better.   I did take a few pictures at the party which I will share later with everyone.  

This year I made Oscar inspired cookies to take.   They turned out great.  Until it came time for me to practice my writing-with-royal-icing-technique.  Which is significantly flawed.   

I started out planning to write Oscar on each one.   yep.  After a couple of tries I realized it was not meant to happen.

I think that there are two factors here that contributed to my failure in the handwriting department.   Firstly, it is really really hard to write evenly and straight on sugared cookies.  The fine sugar granules caused my piping to go astray.   Yep, that's right.  Let's blame it all on the sugar.   But in all honesty, I am still very much a novice at this whole cookie decorating thing.  I love it, but am still trying to figure out what works for me.  And this did not work.

So, I made cookies.  And they did not turn out exactly as I pictured them in my head.  Oh well.  I will keep trying.   And I will try hard not to compare myself to all of the other fabulous, mind blowing, cookie decorators out there.  Although, I really am comparing myself in my head.

So what should I make next cookie-wise?  Anyone else have any cookie tips for me?  Any tips on writing with royal icing?

Smiles and have a great week everyone!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


I have been busy, busy, busy- but with everything but blogging.  Work has been busy, life has been busy and I have not been able to pull together any fun posts.   This past weekend instead of baking and taking pictures- I was playing with two cuties who might respond to the names cake butt and pie.   They were exceptionally cute.  My heart just needs some twin time every now and then.   I truly cannot wait until it warms up and the days are longer.   I find it impossible to photograph anything at home unless it is on the weekend.  By the time I get home from work, all sunlight is gone.   I need some photography pointers from some mid westerners like me who struggle with lighting in the early evening.  

So, instead of me sharing food or treats, I am going to share laughter and smiles.   Here are some goodies that make me smile.   Enjoy and I will see you soon.   

  I really do believe in public service.... I am a social worker remember.   I practically work for free....

This is me.   I am telling you that if you call me and I have come home and put on my "comfy" pants, there is little that will convince me to leave my house.  

Yep.... enough said.

I need this.   Last time I checked the local gym did not offer cupcakes.

This is me.  I can be a bit sassy sometimes.   Okay- I can hear my family snorting right now.   I am a lot sassy.

And I leave you all with happy thoughts, gummy bears and unicorns.

Have a fabulous Friday everyone!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Simple Valentine Cookies

I made some simple Valentine's cookies to send off as care packages this past week.   A boxful of these cookies went off to a cousin who just gave birth to her first baby boy!! And the second boxful went off two adorable boys who may answer to "cake butt" and "pie".   In return for the cookies- I got the most adorable video of them thanking me.   

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.   Enjoy and I promise to bring some more sweet treats soon to share.


I am sharing this cookies as well on Simply Sweets by Honeybee.   I simply love her cookies and her work.   Plus-she is as sweet as her name and treats imply!!  Check out her page and her Simply Sweets Saturday link Party!