Sunday, July 13, 2014

Beach Boys.....

Beach Boys....
Two cuties.
One beach party.
plenty of water guns and water balloons...
Cake, cookies and snacks galore.
It was a perfect party!

I think my sister should be a party planner.
She throws amazing parties.
I want to get engaged or something..
just so she can throw me a party.

Maybe she will have one kicking 80th birthday party for me...
Here's to hoping I can do that inner tube course as well as I did this day...
Which was not impressive at all....
What is impressive...
This party!

If social work doesn't work out for me...
You will find me and my sister in Cleveland...
opening our party planning business...

It was a pretty humid day.  
But, it was perfect weather for swimsuits and water games.

Favor pails filled with summer goodies.

The cakes... 
There were two of them.  

My contribution.
I didn't even get to eat one.  
They were gone.
Gone. Gone.

It was a beautiful day.
One I hope my nephews remember.
I know I will.

Aka- Aunt CiCi

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fourth of July Cookies.... and a funny.

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

This one is for Nky....
I remember when I heard my first gun shot.  
Like real gun shot- not the movies or fake ones.
I was at my first 'real' job in a bad neighborhood.
I heard a 'pop' and I instinctively dove under my desk. 
My boss thought that I was nuts.
No one else even batted an eye at the gun shot. 
Sadly, I too became immune to the sound.
I heard lots of 'pops', 'ratatatats' and 'popopopop' noises while I worked there.  

There is no easy way to transition from gun shots to cookies.
Here we go...
I made cookies.  
Not for me.
Rather- for a bake sale at work.
Phew- transition done. 

They have their usual imperfections.  

But, they did make a pretty plate of cookies. 

If I have the energy, I may try to make up another batch before the actual holiday.

Happy Fourth Everyone.  
I hope that there is lots of burgers, fireworks and sweets to fill your weekend!