Sunday, November 24, 2013

Spicy Snack Crackers to Kick Off Beat Michigan Week!!

I have a quick and simple snack to start off the biggest week of the year...
Beat Michigan Week...
Or for those who don't live in Ohio or Michigan
or live under a rock..
or is my mother...
It is the week leading up to the big Ohio State Michigan Game.
Which we will win...

So, to kick off this week I made these spicy crackers.
Perfect to snack on while watching the big game. 

These crackers would also be an easy snack to serve on Thanksgiving 
before the Turkey makes its appearance.  

So who is going to be watching the game?
Invite me over and I just may bring these yummies to share!

Go Bucks!!


Spicy Snack Crackers:

1 box of Cheese-its
1 box of Mini club crackers
1 packet of ranch dressing mix- powder
1 packet of zesty Italian dressing mix- powder
3/4 to scant full cup of vegetable oil
2-3 teaspoons of red pepper flakes

Preheat oven to 250 degrees.

In a large bowl combine all the ingredients- mixing well with hands or spoon to ensure all sides of the crackers are well coated with oil and spices.  I added about 2.5 teaspoons of red pepper flakes to my mix, but if you do not like heat you may want to start with one teaspoon.  I started with 3/4 cup of oil but added a bit more to make sure all the crackers were coated well.

Spread the coated crackers in a rimmed baking pan and bake for 15-20 minutes, flipping the crackers halfway through.   

Store in an airtight container until ready to serve.  

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Random Things

I am writing this as a storm is passing through.  
A very bad storm.
The kind that makes you say things like...
There is no place like home...
There is no place like home...
There is no place like home....
Only minus the sparkly shoes and plus one sock with a hole in it...
I thought about hiding in the basement..
Sirens tend to do that..
But, when I saw the giant spider web collecting in the corner of the laundry room.
I changed my mind.
I realized a few things these past few weeks.
I have been a little bit stressed...
No, a lot stressed.
So stressed... that I have stopped baking..
Wait!  That's right.
There is a baking- stress threshold.
Usually, baking is a stress reliever....
You are so stressed that all you can do is come home..
wash your face, brush your teeth.
and fall into bed...
and even with ten hours of sleep..
you wake up feeling like you had three...
But, I hope the end is in sight..
If not..
I am going to need cookie reinforcements...

So instead of lovely baked goods...
I am bringing you smiles.
Cause everyone needs smiles.

Cat logic is so true... 

I have most definitely not been keeping up on my veggies...
Surely string cheese and pretzels count as a healthy dinner somewhere....

Butter... enough said.

I need this chair.
Because my couch told me it needs a break.
I hope it doesn't want to break up with me...
I might cry..
and then buy this chair....

And lastly, I need this....
Not sure why since I just admitted eating string cheese and pretzels for dinner..
But, surely if I had this all would be better....

Smiles and have a great week everyone!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Walking not running....

I bet you all have been wondering where I have been..
I have not been on vacation.
I have not been baking tons of yumminess....
I have not been cleaning my house.. ahem...
I have not been working on world peace....
unless you count my job..
which feels like I am trying to achieve world peace... at times...

But, a couple of weeks ago..
I did complete a goal of mine.  
Just a tiny one.
I completed a half marathon.
Walking not running.. of course.
It was a pretty amazing experience.
But, I can't say I felt that immediately after the race.
I just felt like not moving.
another step. ever.
I am so very glad I did do it.
And I am glad I did it with an amazing couple of gals.
We finished. together.  

We all participated in the Columbus Half Marathon.  
Which benefits Nationwide Children's Hospital.
At each mile marker in the race- a child and their family cheered the racers along.
But, truly they were the champions as all were facing or had faced a tough medical journey.  

It was my first time going to a marathon expo...

I couldn't believe the shopping.
shoes, shirts, gel stuff (fuel) and amazing things that can help you run (or walk) better.

We all were thinking this at one point...

A few of the goodies I picked up that day.  
And yes- that is King's Hawaiian bread.
They had a booth there and I hit the jackpot in free coupons.
Bread = Carbs... right?

Race map.

Carb Loading....

Very cool pants I need to own..
They have sneaky pockets in the back of the legs where you hide snacks...
like cookies..
or little debbies...

Me... pre-race

And we are off....

And the finish line!!!

We did it!!

The proof is in the medal...or is it pudding....?

I think my next step..
Which probably should have been my first step...
Is to complete a 5k... running...
not walking....
not running...

HappY MondaY everyone!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

German Chocolate Brownies

I'm sorry.
I have been missing from the blogging world.
I wish I claim something wonderful was happening.
But no, just life was happening. 
But, to make up for it. 
I made you treats.
Specifically, these German Chocolate Brownies.  

They are fudgey and moist.
And the homemade frosting.

So, the lesson of today's story is...
Don't be a bad blogger and disappear for weeks on end.
Don't let yourself get hooked in a tv show like Homeland
-for example-
Because you may find yourself losing sleep.
Getting suck into the lives of Carrie, Brody and Saul.  
Just hypothetically speaking.....

But, if that were to happen.  
These brownies could go a long way towards forgiveness.
Maybe we should send some of these to Congress.
Just saying....

Smiles, Marci

These brownies were made following the recipe by Crazy For Crust.  Here is the link to the recipe.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ricart Blogging Event

Last week I was invited to a Columbus Blogging Event hosted by Ricart.  
I was at first skeptical.
I mean who really reads my blog?
But, I decided to give it a whirl.
Because I was excited to meet fellow bloggers.  
Especially fellow bloggers from Columbus.
Ricart was kind enough to host this event as they are looking to increase their social media presence.  

So, I gave it a whirl. And had a lot of fun.
Lisa from Organize 365 presented to all of us on how to organize our cars.
We got a chance to meet our fellow bloggers and
we  got to meet Rick Ricart!

Rick spent some time talking to us about the Ricart Company.
A company that I have been familiar with for years growing up in Columbus.  
Rick is the 3rd generation of Ricarts to lead the company.  
It is always amazing to learn more about a company from someone who has experienced it...
and worked in it since he was young.
Rick Ricart- along with his siblings- worked their way on up in the company from the bottom.  

They gave us a tour of the facilities.

And we were even able to see the original Ford that started it all.  

Ricart has been working on some changes within their company.
And I think that you will see it when you meet their employees....
and visit their facility.  

It was a fun afternoon.   I was able to connect with some fellow bloggers 
and learned something new about a local company.
And I got to decorate and eat cupcakes.  

Ricart was kind enough to provide us with some goodie bags and I wanted to share it with you.
So Columbus folks- get ready.
I have a coupon for a free oil change.
A $20 gift card for service
and a Ricart Computer Mouse.  

So, leave me a message if you would like to be entered in this giveaway.  
And, if you want an extra entry- 
If you already like it- just leave me a message and say so.  
I will plan on picking a winner October 28th.  

Ricart is a local Columbus, Ohio company.  
So, I will work on a fun giveaway for those who don't live locally.
So hang in there.  

Lastly, check out if you are thinking of buying a new or used car.  
They have some great deals.
And some genuinely great employees.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Buckeye Bars

I decided to share a treat....
Just in time...
For the Buckeye game on Saturday....
They are one of my favorite chocolate & peanut butter treats.
Buckeye Bars.
A friend shared them a few years ago... 
And I have not found a tastier version yet.  
But before we get to the bars...
Can I get an O-H.....

Photo courtesy of Sophie Wessel
So let's get started on these bars.

You'll need peanut butter and chocolate...

And a couple of other ingredients.
In fact, I bet you have everything you need in your kitchen right now.  

Super simple and fast to make.  

Here is the recipe:

Buckeye Bars

1 cup butter
1 1/2 cups peanut butter
3 1/2 cups powdered sugar.  

for the topping:
1 cup chocolate chips
1/2 cup peanut butter

On low heat in a medium size saucepan, melt peanut butter and butter together.
Remove from the heat and add powdered sugar. 
Pat into a 13x9 inch pan.

In a separate smaller saucepan, combine chocolate chip and peanut butter.  
Heat slowly until melted. 
Pour over peanut butter mixture and chill. 
Cut into squares and enjoy.  

If you are a Michigan fan... bad things will happen if you eat these bars.....

Enjoy and let me know if you make them and how they turned out!
Go Bucks!!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ohio- The Heart of it All

I made some Ohio cookies.
Simple Ohio Cookies.
For a friend.
Whom I miss.  
She is far away.
Far Far away from Ohio.

I wanted to send her a surprise.
Something that meant something to both of us.
She stayed in Ohio for over a year.

And in that year, I was lucky enough to find a funny, bright and sweet person.
A friend.
I miss laughing with her in the office, seeing her Starbucks cup in hand.
I miss her classic closing- "Okay.. Bye Bye".
I also loved that she wanted to experience everything about Ohio and Columbus.
She really pushed me to fall in love with Ohio all over again.  

I know that we shall see each other again someday.
When I can afford to travel....
But, in the meantime.
Miss You Sophie!
And Ohio Misses you as well!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Peanut Butter Pretzel Bite Yums...

What happens when you mix peanut butter...
and chocolate together?
Joy and happiness.
And whom do I have to thank for this Joy and Happiness?

Pinterest alerted me to this madness. 
And I am ever so thankful.
Pinterest is a wealth of ideas, recipes and projects.
And some are great ideas.
And some not so great.
Enter two ingredient pancakes.
You can read all about my experiment here
It was ugly.
But, this was a Pinterest success.  

I ended up having to research the original recipe as the Pinterest link I had was a total failure.
But, I found it.   
Two Tiny Kitchens made the original recipe

This is one recipe I highly recommend you try.
But, be warned.
These are very addicting.  
I think that instead of chocolate chips next time I am going to use a quality dark chocolate.  
And trust me....
I will be making these again soon!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Blues

I have a case of the Monday blues...
I just might have the Tuesday blues as well...
And don't even get me started on Wednesday...
I am not quite sure what I was so blue about...
There was cake and donuts involved this Monday.
I avoided the donuts...
except for that tiny corner piece I snuck in this afternoon....
But if no one saw you eat it..
it doesn't count right...
I did eat cake though...
I probably should have just eaten a donut instead.
I ate pizza (gulp) for lunch and....
I am not even going to tell you what I ate for dinner.
ugh.  I feel bloated.  
Yep.  Bloated and Monday Blues.
I am training for a half marathon.
Walking not running.  
If you see my running... trouble is coming
But I feel more tired and bloated than ever.
What is wrong?
Is it the Monday blues speaking?
Maybe tomorrow I will eat lettuce.  
Lettuce and carrots.  yum.  Not.  
Well, I am going to have to kick myself out of this funk.  
So, instead of being blue... let's talk about babies.
Baby Girls!!
I made these cookies for a friend's baby shower the other weekend.  
And pink is the opposite of blue right??

Smiles (even if I had to force it a little today),

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Homemade Oatmeal Cream Pies

Homemade Oatmeal Cream Pies
Best Idea Ever.  

The filling in these.

How could anyone resist these?
Kid or adult?
I brought these into work.
They were gone.

Again look at that filling.
and I loved the hint of cinnamon in these cookies.

Even my cat was intrigued.  
What do you mean your cats don't like Oatmeal Cream pies?

Make these cookies.

I found this recipe from Girl Who Bakes. 
It was a Pinterest find. 
Of course.   
Here is the link to her recipe.

I made some alterations.  
I drastically reduced the amount of sugar in the cream filling.
It sounded way too sweet for me.
I probably only used a half cup of sugar.  
I also did not use any whole wheat flour in the cookie recipe. 
I used all purpose for the flour called for in the recipe.
And they turned out amazing!

Smiles and have a great weekend!!