Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Blues

I have a case of the Monday blues...
I just might have the Tuesday blues as well...
And don't even get me started on Wednesday...
I am not quite sure what I was so blue about...
There was cake and donuts involved this Monday.
I avoided the donuts...
except for that tiny corner piece I snuck in this afternoon....
But if no one saw you eat it..
it doesn't count right...
I did eat cake though...
I probably should have just eaten a donut instead.
I ate pizza (gulp) for lunch and....
I am not even going to tell you what I ate for dinner.
ugh.  I feel bloated.  
Yep.  Bloated and Monday Blues.
I am training for a half marathon.
Walking not running.  
If you see my running... trouble is coming
But I feel more tired and bloated than ever.
What is wrong?
Is it the Monday blues speaking?
Maybe tomorrow I will eat lettuce.  
Lettuce and carrots.  yum.  Not.  
Well, I am going to have to kick myself out of this funk.  
So, instead of being blue... let's talk about babies.
Baby Girls!!
I made these cookies for a friend's baby shower the other weekend.  
And pink is the opposite of blue right??

Smiles (even if I had to force it a little today),


  1. Beautiful cookies! I hope your week gets better. If not, you can always come on over to my house and I'll fix you some yummy green juice. :-) Well, not really yummy...more like tolerable...sometimes...but really good for you!

  2. Love the cookies. Sorry you have the blues. I have them a lot. I'm trying so hard to shed the extra pounds I have put on recently but sometimes it's just easier to stuff my face with food than workout. Lol! I have been dealing with a lot of bloating lately. I'm waiting on test results to see if I have some sort of stomach bug that my doc said is going around.