Sunday, December 7, 2014

Baby Shower Cookies

I made some baby shower cookies for my sister in law....
who is expecting my newest nephew....
I told her to hold him in till after Thanksgiving at least...
Now, I think she is just taking it too far....
I can't wait to meet the newest Johnson. 

I am way behind on Holiday baking.... 
I don't even have my tree up yet.
But, everything will fall into place...

But first- Baby Raleigh needs to come!!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

A little bit about me.... and Minnie Mouse Cookies

I decided to shake things up a little and share some fun facts about myself....
I am a Social Worker (gasp!)
I mean there is no surprise there right?
I love my job.  I really do.   I just have days where I need to remind myself that I do.
This week was filled with those days.  

I bake for fun.  
I love to bake and decorate cookies.
But, I also love to bake all kinds of sweets.
Decorated cookies take time, so it is fun to make other kinds of cookies
that are quick to make and just as tasty.  
I love to make cupcakes but really don't like to bake cakes....
riddle me that...
And fancy cakes.... not my thing.
Fondant- yuck!

I love all animals, but have two cats.
I drink coffee and tea.

I sometimes eat store bought cookies (gasp!)
I refuse to eat certain things like margarine and diet soda....
But think nothing of eating Cheetos.

I went to OSU (Ohio State University) for graduate school. 
So, I am a true Buckeye...
But, my true love is for Miami University (Love & Honor)
where I completed my undergraduate degree.
I went back there recently with some of Miami Girls and had so much fun!

I am the auntie to three adorable nephews.....
with a fourth on the way. 
They fill my heart with joy.

I will eat leftovers, but once I have eaten something two or three times..
I am done with that food for a while.  
Which means I tire of foods quickly. 
I may love something one day.... and not want it the next.
But- in a few months- I will love that food again.  

I hoard napkins.  They are everywhere.  In my desk drawer...
In my glove compartment of my car....

Fun facts to be continued.....

Enjoy your weekend.
And enjoy Minnie Mouse cookies. 


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween Cookies

Trick or Treat!
Give me something good to eat!!!
Like Cookies....

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!


Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy Monday......

Happy Monday.......
This does make it a happy Monday....
What makes me sad...
is waiting till April to see the second half of season 1.

Hope everyone has a happy Monday and a great rest of the week!


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Summer Wrap up....

Instead of me making a list of excuses...
excuses for why I have not baked...
or decorated cookies...
I thought it might be better if I show you...

So here it is...
Summer in a snapshot....

Hope everyone had a great summer.  
Pumpkin Season is almost upon us.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Miss me? Simple Cookies and a hello!

I bet you all have missed me.
I have been busy making the most out of summer.
which means I haven't been baking much...
or decorating much..
I have been swimming
lounging on patios
enjoying cool summer nights
chasing sunsets
eating.... smores, fresh pasta, summer fruit and anything else that catches my eye
chasing boys around the house
having water gun fights
and feeling content.
I felt no pressure to blog.  
Which is just the way I should feel.

I did decorate some simple cookies a few weeks ago...
and simply never shared them.
So here they are...

Inspired by some cookies I found on Pinterest.
Made by CaramelCookies

I still have a few more things I want to get done this summer.
So- If you don't hear from me..
Picture me out by the lake catching a sunset...

Enjoy the last few days of summer everyone!


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Beach Boys.....

Beach Boys....
Two cuties.
One beach party.
plenty of water guns and water balloons...
Cake, cookies and snacks galore.
It was a perfect party!

I think my sister should be a party planner.
She throws amazing parties.
I want to get engaged or something..
just so she can throw me a party.

Maybe she will have one kicking 80th birthday party for me...
Here's to hoping I can do that inner tube course as well as I did this day...
Which was not impressive at all....
What is impressive...
This party!

If social work doesn't work out for me...
You will find me and my sister in Cleveland...
opening our party planning business...

It was a pretty humid day.  
But, it was perfect weather for swimsuits and water games.

Favor pails filled with summer goodies.

The cakes... 
There were two of them.  

My contribution.
I didn't even get to eat one.  
They were gone.
Gone. Gone.

It was a beautiful day.
One I hope my nephews remember.
I know I will.

Aka- Aunt CiCi