Sunday, March 16, 2014

There's correct and there is incorrect.....

How to correctly eat a peep......
Yes. There is a correct and incorrect way to eat a peep.
My scientific and well researched methods only apply to the bunny variety...
Don't get me started on the chick variety.
A sadist must have created them.
There is just not a good way to eat the chick peeps.
But the bunny ones... 
I have you covered.
Let's get started.

First bite the ears.
Chew and enjoy.
The slight sweet crackle from the sugar should be hitting your taste buds now. 

Next bite the body part of the bunny. 
Just think of him like a snow man with three parts.
Only a snowman never tasted this good.

Lastly, pop the last piece of bunny peep into your mouth.
And repeat 11 more times until you realize you consumed the entire package of peeps.
In one sitting.
In three minutes.

Hope you all are enjoying Spring.
Ohio is not. 
I am still waiting for it to come.  



  1. Peeps are awesome! I really hope spring decides to show up soon...we're sooooo ready!

  2. Lol Marcie. You left out the part where you open the package and throw them on top of the fridge to dry out for a few days before consuming the addictive bunnies and chicks. Hmmmm yummy.