Wednesday, October 16, 2013

German Chocolate Brownies

I'm sorry.
I have been missing from the blogging world.
I wish I claim something wonderful was happening.
But no, just life was happening. 
But, to make up for it. 
I made you treats.
Specifically, these German Chocolate Brownies.  

They are fudgey and moist.
And the homemade frosting.

So, the lesson of today's story is...
Don't be a bad blogger and disappear for weeks on end.
Don't let yourself get hooked in a tv show like Homeland
-for example-
Because you may find yourself losing sleep.
Getting suck into the lives of Carrie, Brody and Saul.  
Just hypothetically speaking.....

But, if that were to happen.  
These brownies could go a long way towards forgiveness.
Maybe we should send some of these to Congress.
Just saying....

Smiles, Marci

These brownies were made following the recipe by Crazy For Crust.  Here is the link to the recipe.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ricart Blogging Event

Last week I was invited to a Columbus Blogging Event hosted by Ricart.  
I was at first skeptical.
I mean who really reads my blog?
But, I decided to give it a whirl.
Because I was excited to meet fellow bloggers.  
Especially fellow bloggers from Columbus.
Ricart was kind enough to host this event as they are looking to increase their social media presence.  

So, I gave it a whirl. And had a lot of fun.
Lisa from Organize 365 presented to all of us on how to organize our cars.
We got a chance to meet our fellow bloggers and
we  got to meet Rick Ricart!

Rick spent some time talking to us about the Ricart Company.
A company that I have been familiar with for years growing up in Columbus.  
Rick is the 3rd generation of Ricarts to lead the company.  
It is always amazing to learn more about a company from someone who has experienced it...
and worked in it since he was young.
Rick Ricart- along with his siblings- worked their way on up in the company from the bottom.  

They gave us a tour of the facilities.

And we were even able to see the original Ford that started it all.  

Ricart has been working on some changes within their company.
And I think that you will see it when you meet their employees....
and visit their facility.  

It was a fun afternoon.   I was able to connect with some fellow bloggers 
and learned something new about a local company.
And I got to decorate and eat cupcakes.  

Ricart was kind enough to provide us with some goodie bags and I wanted to share it with you.
So Columbus folks- get ready.
I have a coupon for a free oil change.
A $20 gift card for service
and a Ricart Computer Mouse.  

So, leave me a message if you would like to be entered in this giveaway.  
And, if you want an extra entry- 
If you already like it- just leave me a message and say so.  
I will plan on picking a winner October 28th.  

Ricart is a local Columbus, Ohio company.  
So, I will work on a fun giveaway for those who don't live locally.
So hang in there.  

Lastly, check out if you are thinking of buying a new or used car.  
They have some great deals.
And some genuinely great employees.

Have a great weekend everyone!