Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ohio- The Heart of it All

I made some Ohio cookies.
Simple Ohio Cookies.
For a friend.
Whom I miss.  
She is far away.
Far Far away from Ohio.

I wanted to send her a surprise.
Something that meant something to both of us.
She stayed in Ohio for over a year.

And in that year, I was lucky enough to find a funny, bright and sweet person.
A friend.
I miss laughing with her in the office, seeing her Starbucks cup in hand.
I miss her classic closing- "Okay.. Bye Bye".
I also loved that she wanted to experience everything about Ohio and Columbus.
She really pushed me to fall in love with Ohio all over again.  

I know that we shall see each other again someday.
When I can afford to travel....
But, in the meantime.
Miss You Sophie!
And Ohio Misses you as well!



  1. So sweet :) definitely a surprise anyone would love to receive!

  2. Beautiful cookies! I'm sure she'll love them. :-)

  3. Awww...what a sweet post. I love the cookies- so adorable. I hope you are able to travel to Holland. I'm sure that would be a memorable trip. It was so great to meet you this week! I hope we can catch up again.