Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fourth of July Cookies.... and a funny.

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

This one is for Nky....
I remember when I heard my first gun shot.  
Like real gun shot- not the movies or fake ones.
I was at my first 'real' job in a bad neighborhood.
I heard a 'pop' and I instinctively dove under my desk. 
My boss thought that I was nuts.
No one else even batted an eye at the gun shot. 
Sadly, I too became immune to the sound.
I heard lots of 'pops', 'ratatatats' and 'popopopop' noises while I worked there.  

There is no easy way to transition from gun shots to cookies.
Here we go...
I made cookies.  
Not for me.
Rather- for a bake sale at work.
Phew- transition done. 

They have their usual imperfections.  

But, they did make a pretty plate of cookies. 

If I have the energy, I may try to make up another batch before the actual holiday.

Happy Fourth Everyone.  
I hope that there is lots of burgers, fireworks and sweets to fill your weekend!



  1. The cookies came out great! Love the sugared outline! We play the guessing game quite a bit in our neighborhood. :-/

  2. Girl that card! Lol! Sadly I think it happens everywhere now that people think it's smart to fire guns in the air on the 4th. Hello, what goes up comes down. I love your cookies. They came out great!