Monday, February 25, 2013


For the past few years I have enjoyed the Oscars with a great group of folks.  Kim hosts a fabulous Oscars party every year.  And- I swear- each year it gets better and better.   I did take a few pictures at the party which I will share later with everyone.  

This year I made Oscar inspired cookies to take.   They turned out great.  Until it came time for me to practice my writing-with-royal-icing-technique.  Which is significantly flawed.   

I started out planning to write Oscar on each one.   yep.  After a couple of tries I realized it was not meant to happen.

I think that there are two factors here that contributed to my failure in the handwriting department.   Firstly, it is really really hard to write evenly and straight on sugared cookies.  The fine sugar granules caused my piping to go astray.   Yep, that's right.  Let's blame it all on the sugar.   But in all honesty, I am still very much a novice at this whole cookie decorating thing.  I love it, but am still trying to figure out what works for me.  And this did not work.

So, I made cookies.  And they did not turn out exactly as I pictured them in my head.  Oh well.  I will keep trying.   And I will try hard not to compare myself to all of the other fabulous, mind blowing, cookie decorators out there.  Although, I really am comparing myself in my head.

So what should I make next cookie-wise?  Anyone else have any cookie tips for me?  Any tips on writing with royal icing?

Smiles and have a great week everyone!


  1. Those look wonderful Marci! How about some fun and bright spring cookies? I am ready for spring and summer...we are covered in snow here!

  2. Great cookies that I'm sure were a hit at the party. Royal Icing is really hard to write with because you have to get it just the right consistency. I'm still learning