Monday, April 22, 2013

April is almost over

April is almost over and I can't believe it.  
It has been a busy, busy month for me....
These two munchkins came to visit...

I reacquainted myself with my love of cupcakes...
Seriously- could there be a more amazing flavor than Orange Cinnamon Roll....
I also reacquainted myself with my love of sprinkles....
Can you ever have too many sprinkles?
The twins say no....  I agree.

Spring finally decided to come.   
Although, this past weekend she showed her fickle side...

There were a lot of birthdays to celebrate this month.  
Mine, my nephews and my brothers.  
Nothing beats a homemade cake... 
Even if your name is spelled Marc... because the "I" was eaten...
by sprinkles...
After all- the more sprinkles the better.  
I bet Doodles helped out with this cake.     

Not sure how people feel about the "half eaten picture thing"... 
But, I was too hungry to wait...
I know how I feel about the "half eaten picture thing"-

I visited OSU campus this past weekend.  
It is easy to take it for granted-
when you live in the same city.
But this weekend reminded my what a beautiful campus it is.

And the best part of this month...
I experienced this....
Pancake Balls.
Or Amazeballs as I call them.

I hope everyone is enjoying spring!  



  1. Where does one acquire these amazeballs?

  2. Where does one acquire these amazeballs?

    1. Katalina's!!! They are super small but have some yummy food! Let's go sometime!

  3. pancake balls? seriously? i never knew i was missing them now i NEED them! haha
    and your birthday cake is the best cake ever, so many sprinkles!
    looks like April has treated you well <3

  4. Hi :) I just happened to stumble upon your blog, and I think it's awesome! I enjoy all the fun pictures you take of food, stuff you do on your free time like going to the state fair, and visiting the campus of OSU! I have never been to Ohio since I live so far (CA), but I hope to go there when I graduate. Keep up the good work! :)