Sunday, January 22, 2012

My First Official Cookie Order

I was asked to create some baby shower cookies for a friend of a friend whom I knew casually. I was thrilled and nervous. All of my baking has always been for family and close friends- people who would always love my cookies and cake wrecks no matter what. But making cookies for someone I didn't know well was a different story. So with some trepidation- I agreed.

The theme of the shower was "Good things come in twos" because the mom to be was expecting twins. I know a "little" something about twins. Good luck on that one... just kidding!! Twins are double the amount of work and heartaches, but also double the amount of love, kisses, cuddles and joy! I love my twin nephews and although they can run hurdles around me- I can't help but love all of the trouble they get into. Even as I type about them I am picturing cake butt shaking his finger at me going "no no no no"....

From what I understand the guests wold be decorating onesies for the mom to be to take home with her. So I created onesie cookies in the colors of the shower- pale orange, pale green and pale yellow. I actually loved this color combination. Although I do admit my orange is slightly more "peachy" than orange.

I had a lot of fun making these cookies, some minor hand cramps and a slight incident that involved royal icing being squeezed- or more like- popped all over my head and body. That was fun. I was too busy to actually address the scary state of my face and hair so later that night I tried to hose myself down and boy does royal icing dry well in hair and on skin. I had a mini sugar and meringue facial that night and a funny white streak in my hair. At least I have a good memory to help me recall my "first-ever-official-cookie-order"!!!


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