Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Theme Party for Two Cuties

I had an eventful New Years Eve as it was the day of my twin nephews birthday party. And what a party it was. Yo Gabba Gabba was the theme and I made cookies for the party.

Here is one snapshot of one of the tables that was decorated for the party.

I started on the cookies a couple of weeks before the big day. I cut out and baked circle cookies a couple of weeks before and froze the cookies so that they would stay fresh. The week of the festivities I broke out the decorating tips and royal icing and got to work. I decided that I wanted to make the main characters into cookies.

As I started decorating the cookies- I realized that the tips that I had were not quite small enough so I had to run and buy some more tips. I have a few Wilton round tips, but only had one-#1 tip and a couple #2 tips. I did end up investing in some PME tips in size 1 and 00. I do think that I prefer the size #1 tip for decorating finer details.

Here is how Muno turned out. He was by far the easiest to pipe and outline and in all honesty- he really was the most fun to make.

Here is Toodee- I did not realize that Toodee was a female until I noted the "eyelashes" on her character. Again the finer tips came in handy for things like eyelashes and I think I could have gone even finer with the detail. So I may need to invest in a few more PME tips in #00 and maybe even a couple in #000.

Brobee was kinda fun as well because I liked doing the "squiggle" piping on him. :)

I thought that Plex would be the easiest to make since he was all squares, but for some reason I could not pipe a straight square to save my life that day. Even though he is not perfect, I still like him.

And here are all four characters. They are not perfect- they have many flaws. They are not perfectly shaped and they do not look exactly like the characters on the show. But, I am happy with my first attempt at making character cookies!

And if you notice- I did leave two characters out. I tried to make Foofa cookies, but she was one of my first attempts without a finer "tip" and she was a mess. She looked like a pink Tammy Faye- so I ended up scrapping that cookie entirely.
I also decided not to do DJ Lance as I was a little nervous about creating a "skin tone" cookie color and frankly time really did not permit me to experiment that much more.

Overall, I am very happy with my cookie attempt and hope to have some more fun baking for my other nephew's birthday in the spring!!


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