Friday, February 3, 2012

It's all in the tools...

LilaLoa is a blog that I follow and love. She makes amazing cookies and cakes and I see her work and dream of being so talented. Recently, she posted a picture of her icing colors and how she stores them. And she challenged us to show her our icing colors and how we store them.

So here is a peek at my cookie (and sometimes cake) supplies.

And here are my Americolor icing colors. I really do like these gel colors. The small bottles are my favorite to buy as I always am convinced that I just "need a teeny bit". Until you make something red, or blue or black... and then I feel like I use the whole small bottle.

So I have invested in some large bottles of color. So if you need some black food color just call me cause I am your gal.

Does anyone else have a hobby that requires a bin of supplies? I feel like so many of my interests require bins of tools. Someday I will find a hobby that requires nothing... Like tv watching...just kidding....well maybe.... (and if you haven't noticed yet- I like to use my punctuation incorrectly. I know English majors out there are cringing. But, I like it because I feel like pauses look like periods in my head- so hence many periods and many exclamation marks).

My nephew has been asking about cookies so I think I am going to plan another "Cookie Decorating- but really just need the sprinkles" Day with him. I CAN'T WAIT!


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