Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Birthdays Galore Ahead...

I had a busy weekend and even managed to squeeze in some baking for a party.   I made oreo cupcakes.  They were tasty but not so photogenic.   I want to make some adjustments and will post pictures and a recipe soon.   

In the weeks ahead I will be busy with cookies.  I may have to table the quest-to-find-the-perfect-frosting for a couple of weeks as I work on decorating and baking some cookies.   Besides I don't think my hips can handle cookies and frosting at the same time.   

I am planning on helping a dear friend with some cookies for her son's first birthday and my nephew's third birthday is fast approaching.   Here is a hint below of the template I am working on for his themed cookies.   I need to find a thick cardstock that will hold up well because I will need to hand cut these cookies.   

I hope to have some fun pictures up soon. 


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