Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fair Food and Fun

The Ohio Sate Fair has come and gone.  Sadly,  it has come and gone a week or so ago and I am just getting around to doing this post because that is how I roll.   

This year's Fair experience did not disappoint.  The fun started in the parking lot- aka the grassy field- where J and I parked at.  We found an incredible spot close to the entrance.  Upon walking to the entrance I noticed the plethora of plaid shirts and jeans.  And I said out loud as I always do because my filter is off outside of work- "Why didn't anyone warn me that there was a dress code for the fair- plaid shirts and jeans".  J didn't know what to say as many people don't when randomness comes out of my mouth.  I did eventually learn why there were so many plaid shirted boys and girls running around.  It turns out that there was a country concert happening that night in the Crew Stadium.  Phew- I was dressed just fine for the fair.  However, I have duly noted that I should bust out a plaid shirt and jeans for my next country concert.  

But, back to the fair.  J and I went to eat. Yep you heard me right.  We went to eat.  And Eat we DID!  I was tempted to sample the KK donut Burger, but held myself back.  I was determined only to eat one fried item.  HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

J and I ate dinner first- I had a Schmidt's Bahama Mama and J had some healthy veggie thing.   My Bahama Mama was not healthy.  But it was GOOD!!
J wanted to try the fried snickers so we found the below booth.  You could order just about anything deep fried there- PB & J- yes, Oreos- check, BUCKEYES-yep, mac and cheese- mmhmm.   I had already tried a fried snickers before at a local restaurant.   But once I saw J's fried snickers I knew that I had been deceived.

It looked glorious.   And the dusting of powder sugar.  Help me now please!

Here is what the fried snickers looks like on the the inside.   The outside coating was tender and not too sweet.  The inside- AMAZING!!  I only had one bite as I was saving myself for a funnel cake.   But, next year I am all over this!

At the fair there are always foods you expect to see.  Like giant turkey legs.

And BBQ.   Note I do not have a BBQ picture here.   Fooled you huh??

Fair Fries.  Quite possibly a perfect food.  And full of potassium (an inside joke for all of my one friends who read my blog). Is one friend(s) even proper English?  Probably not.  Oh well.  Sorry Ms Davenporte!

I did stop for a moment to contemplate eating a bacon cinnamon roll.  But, again, my love for funnel cakes won out.  Perhaps another year.  Did anyone try these?  Let me know what you thought.

Okay okay.  I did not manage to consume only one fried item.   I was drawn into the donut line.  And I almost bought a bucket of donuts.  A bucket.  A bucket of 30 donuts.   I am not quite sure where my willpower came from.   But I did enjoy these beauties.  They were hot and melted in your mouth as you ate them.  And they were tender inside and sweet and sugary on the outside.   Perfection.   And they were just as good warmed up the next day for breakfast.  I am  SO getting the bucket next year!!!

Here it is.  Funnel Cake time.   I do not know why I adore funnel cakes so.   I just do.   And I don't care.   I guess I care enough about my hips that I only bought one funnel cake.   But it was worth it.

Of course, we had to take the Sky Ride back to the other side of the fair where we parked.   I had a moment of panic when a couple sat down ahead of us and rocked the entire sky ride.  Our seat rocked and the entire cable rocked as well.   J had to practically shove me into the seat.   We lived.  Obviously.

And I leave you with a parting shot of the fair.  I took this picture for my nephews.  I know nothing about tractors.  I know nothing about John Deere's.   I now know there is a country song about a big green tractor, but that is all I know.  But, I do know that somehow I ended up with three nephews who adore tractors.  So this picture is for you Doodles, Pie and Cake Butt.  Aunt CiCi loves you!

If you went to the fair, let me know what you ate.   Fair is Fair- I told you how much I consumed that day.   :)   Or at least tell me what you love about the fair.



  1. Looks like you had a finger lickin' good
    YUM. I was gonna go to our local fair over the weekend, but it rained and slogging through the mud even for roasted corn and funnel cakes just wasn't worth it.

  2. So sad to have missed it another year, maybe next year or the one after we will get the whole brood there!