Wednesday, October 24, 2012


As the holidays are approaching one cannot help but checking out goodies online.   And of course, I manage to find things that I adore.   Here are a few of recent favorites.  

Look at these beautiful measuring cups.   They make me want to mix butter and sugar together.  forever.  I imagine that cookies made with these taste so much better than ones made with my plastic measuring cups.   They are from Anthropologie.  Of course.  Who doesn't love that place?  

Oh and these beauties.   Anthrolopologie again.   I think that they sneak into my subconscious and create things from the ideas I have there.   So, Anthropologie owes me for all of their great ideas.  Or they at last owe me some cute measuring cups.

Check out this cute cookie stamp Sophie showed me.   Adorable.   Perhaps not the most practical but very cute.  Source: The Spoon Sisters.

And now onto the measuring spoons.  I love gingerbread men.   I can almost smell them.  Okay that sounded weird.   Let's just forget I said that.
source: Pier 1

Check out these cute owl measuring spoons.  I adore owls.   They are my favorite.  
Source: Pier 1

Speaking of owls.  These owls are a set? from World Market.   The largest owl is a cookie holder and the medium sized owl is a measuring cup set and the mini's are measuring spoons.   I LOVE this set.   LoVe!!

But this is what I am asking Santa for this Christmas.   I would like the porch and this swing.   Minus the sleeping lady.   Yeah, that would be kinda creepy if Santa included the sleeping lady.   But, I have no doubt that Santa can wrap up a wrap-around porch and swing for me.   I am sure it will fit just dandy under the tree.

What items are on your list this holiday?
I am sure I will find more goodies to share as we get closer to Christmas.  So prepare yourself.   I might get a little carried away.


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