Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oreos & Baby Boys....

I was asked to make some treats for a friend's gender reveal party.   And she and her husband are Oreo fans so they asked me to make some homemade Oreos with a special hint in the middle.   

My friend even found me the perfect recipe from My Kitchen Addiction.  I followed her recipe for these homemade Oreos.

And inside each cookie was a "pop pf color".   It was amazing to be there at the party and to see everyone's faces and especially K & LA's faces when they bit into their cookies.

And I had to make some extra Oreo treats for the party as well.    Oreo cupcakes with Oreos on the bottom.   So simple and yummy.

I had a lot of fun baking up this surprise.   Although, when I received the envelope with the baby's gender it was a tad surreal.  I knew what the gender was before the parents even knew.   But, the party was very special.   Do you know anyone who had a gender reveal party?

Smiles and have a great weekend.   I have been busy "Car shopping".   I hate to admit it- but it is the one kind of shopping that I HATE.   Wish me luck!



  1. That is so cute! My brother and SIL baked a giant cupcake and the center was the color of the baby, we were all convinced (including my SIL) that it was a girl, they let my niece and nephew cut the cake and tell us it was gonna be a BOY! It was so much fun. I love the Oreo idea, I'll suggest that for the next baby.

  2. What an amazing job on the Oreos! Such a fun idea for a gender reveal party :) and your cupcakes look absolutely delicious too, yum!

  3. If I ever lose my mind and decide to have a kid, I'm totally doing this! So fun to find out the gender of your baby in such a cool way! Much more fun than the doctor pointing out something you can barely see.