Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Easiest Dip Ever....

 I made the easiest dip ever for a co-worker.  And, trust me, this is the easiest dip ever.  And so tasty!
You will 16 ounces of sour cream, fiesta ranch dip mix and some finely shredded cheese (mexican blend, cheddar jack or whatever suits you).

Blend the sour cream and dip mix together.   Add 1/3 of a package of shredded cheese.   Heck, add half the package of shredded cheese and stir it together well.

This dip is pretty tasty right away, but if you let this dip sit for a while or overnight, it is even better.   And I prefer my dip with fritos.   Especially the scoopable ones- they hold more dip.

So make up a quick batch of this dip to enjoy with tacos or just to eat in bed while watching clandestine episodes of America's Next Top Model... Not that I would ever do that......


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Crazy Cravings.....

Before we go any further, I want to put it out there.  I AM NOT pregnant.  But I have been having some weird cravings.  

I played some euchre the other night with some friends and one of them brought some cucumber sandwiches on crackers instead of bread.  And then the cravings hit. I was obsessed. Cucumbers- check, crispy crackers- check, tangy cream cheese- check and fresh dill- check.  I was convinced the cucumbers meant that I was eating healthy.

So I gave into this craving and recreated my own version.   I bought some light rye Wasa Crackers, mixed 8 ounces of cream cheese with about a 1/3 packet of Italian dressing (the dried packet kind) and a few generous dashes of dill.   I spread this mix on the crackers, topped it with some sliced cucumbers and sprinkled some more dill on top.   They were delicious.    The clincher- I had some thin sliced Hennings Garlic Dill Cheddar Cheese which brought my cucumber-open-faced-sandwiches-without-the-bread to a whole another level.   

My stomach is still thanking me.   

On another note, I am headed out of town to see two adorable cuties for the Easter Holiday.   I cannot wait to hide eggs for them and see their cute faces smeared with chocolate love.  I am an auntie and love every minute of it.   

Happy Easter Everyone!