Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lemon Melting Moments Cookies

One can never eat too many cookies right?
I mean itty bitty cookies like these...
surely count as half a cookie.
Only, there are two cookies sandwiched together...
But an oreo counts as one so surely these are the same.

I saw this recipe a while ago on Pinterest.
And I decided that it was time I tested it out.
In my very technical Suzy Social Worker way...
which is totally spur of the moment.
And based on a bag of lemons in my fridge that are just dying to be used up.

It was fun to try out a recipe from a site I am not familiar with.  
Pinterest is a great place for finding ideas and recipes from new blogs and authors.  
The only problem.  
I get overwhelmed.  
For example- I have 143 cookie ideas pinned to be "Cookie" board.  
143 cookies!!!
So, I think I wanna keep trying out these new recipes.
But, I need some help.  
So, come find me and follow me at my Pinterest page
And let me know what cookie recipe you want me to try next.  

And if you want to try out these cookies- check out this link
Itty Bitty Kitchen made these cookies and they are delicious.
Of course, I did made some small adaptions. 
For example, I used the zest of two lemons for the cookies (they were small lemons)
and the juice of two lemons in the filling. 
I also made these cookie as small as I could and ended up with 18 sandwich cookies.  
And be sure to tell me what cookie you want to see next.
As I cannot keep cookies around me all day- I tend to share them at work.  
So, if you know me come find me soon for some cookies!

Smiles, Marci

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