Friday, June 14, 2013

Thirty One Cookies... well it was more like 36 cookies to be exact...

I made some cookies for a friend's work party.  
Sometimes I get job envy.
She has the kind of job where she gets to meet cool people.
And entertains important businesses and groups.
Like "Thirty-One". 
Heard of them?  I have. 
I love my large utility tote.  
Anyways, I am getting off track.
I know my friend works very hard at her job, but at times it looks like FUN.
I love my job, but I do not often get to use the words Fun and Social Worker together.
But, I did get to have fun making these cookies.  

They are not perfect.
I am still working on "technique".
But, they were fun to make. 
And I loved the colors.  

So thank you friend for trusting me and supporting me.
I had fun making these cookies.
And I am now a "little" less nervous about making cookies for strangers...
versus friends.
and family.
Who always love your baked goods.  
Even if you started out your love of baking at a young age.
And may have once put salt instead of sugar in a recipe.
And used to eat canned frosting out of a can. (and still does).
Nope scratch that.  I never have done that last one.
And still cannot make a pie crust to save her life.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!



  1. Marci,
    I love them!
    They look great and I am sure they were a huge hit.
    I can't make a pie crust that doesn't crumble and Lord above help this southern gal, I can't make biscuits from scratch either. I can't wait to have an oven to bake in again...

  2. I envy your tiny and perfectly straight lines and cursive writing... they're really great!