Saturday, July 13, 2013

Love is....

Love is.....
Decorating a bike for a bike parade.  
With pink balloons.  

Love is seeing the joy and excitement on sweet faces for their first parade.

Love is making two twin boys pose for a picture.
That they really don't want to do.
But, you make them anyway.  

Love smells like pink roses on a hot day.
And ice cream and Popsicles.

Love is seeing smiles on a face that loves the water and beach.

Love is watching cartoons in bed.  
And making funny faces during commercial breaks.

Love is Goonies..... lol

Love is two brothers who will always be there for each other.  

Love is this face.  And the cutest patootiest pose ever!!

Love is this.  In your face.  All consuming.  

Love and Smiles to all of you.


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