Thursday, May 1, 2014

Chugging right along.....

I recently made some train themed cookies for a customer.
That's right...
A real live customer.
I think that they turned out pretty cute.

So, this cookie hobby of mine..
is chugging right along.
Although, I still stress a little when it come times to decorate.

As a critic, I always see the flaws and imperfections.
But, as long as the kids are happy...
I am happy. 

As always...
keep Chugging along...
whether that be trains...
oops did I say beer....
beer.. chugging...
keep chugging away.


I linked up this cookies to Party in your PJ's- A Thursday Evening Link Party!


  1. Yay! Congratulations on your customer!! They came out adorable! Love the pop of red. :-)

  2. Marci these are so cute! I love the #2 with the tracks. I have found in my cookie journey that you can get caught up in all the external goings on in the cookie world and lose sight of the real reason for making cookies. To make people smile. It's all about the recipient. I'm trying to get back to that place and stop focusing so much on how I compare to others or how perfect my cookies are. Great attitude. Keep chugging away! I'll take a margarita over a beer though. Lol!

  3. Oh Marci....I just love these! I have to say, I have taken the attitude that if the customer is happy, I am happy! The cookies my not be up to the standards of "some" but to me...they look beautiful. I love your attitude...I could chug a nice beverage right now too...make mine a vodka and cranberry juice please! Thank you for linking at Party in Your PJs....I am so happy to be parting with you...cheers my friend!

  4. Congrats on being featured too! GREAT cookies!
    Viewed via Party in Your PJs # 2
    Cheers! Joanne