Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cookies for Cleveland

I have officially mailed my first batch of cookies.
Well, the first batch of cookies that were not going to family.
Family can be pretty understanding when a few cookies are lost....
Lost to the world of broken cookies. 
Kinda like the land of misfit toys in Rudolf.
Only in the land of broken cookies-
Gingerbread men run around without heads.
Butterflies lose their wings.
And animals end up with a few limbs missing.  
Luckily, I think that this bunch survived the trip.
To Cleveland!!

I was asked to create some cookies for a customer who worked on campaigning for issue 3 in Cleveland.
And my cookies were shared with the group.
The good news- 
Issue 3 passed.  
So, above is the actual logo used.
And below is my simplified interpretation.  

These cookies actually were a lot of fun to make.
And I enjoyed bringing the logo to cookie form.

Enjoy and I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day.



  1. They came out great!! Shipping is stressful. I'm glad they all made it!!

  2. I love your simplified version of the logo cookie! They are so pretty. Land of misfit cookies...LOL! Shipping cookies is SOOOO stressful, that is why I don't do it anymore. Have a great weekend!