Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Columbus, Ohio is the birthplace of Jeni's Ice Cream.   And I have never been more proud to promote a hometown product/business like Jeni's.   Their ice cream is out of your mind amazing.   The flavor combinations tease your taste buds and challenge them in a way that ice cream never has before.   

This past weekend, I indulged in some Jeni's.  I indulged in Jeni's several times.  I indulged in several flavors of ice cream and each one did not disappoint.   And my taste buds are thanking me, however, my hips are not.  

My hands down favorite ice cream (at least so far) is Strawberry Buttermilk.  Creamy, sweet, fruity with a hint of richness.  I love it and once I found the ComFest booth, I had to get some.   Jeni's was smart this year.  They had two booths at ComFest.

On Saturday, I decided to eat some more Jeni's.  This time I met some friends at the shop in the Short North.   I took a picture of the flavor description because the signs really do say it best.  And this flavor lived  up to the expectation.   In fact, it surpassed my expectations.

Below is the picture of Brambleberry Crisp.   Amazing. Sweet. Pop of Vanilla. Surprising crunch of crisp.  Perfection.

And my last night at ComFest I had to... just had to... eat Jeni's one more time.   That night I had Dark Chocolate and Salty Caramel.   The combination was amazing.   The dark chocolate was chocolaty but not as sweet as one would expect which was perfect for pairing with another flavor.   The salty caramel was sweet with just a hint of saltiness.

This past weekend was a perfect blend of friends, relaxation and fun.   And Jeni's was the perfect compliment to each day.

I do feel as if I tend to gravitate towards the same flavors of ice cream every time I go to Jeni's so I am going to challenge myself to try a new flavor every time I go there.   And, I promise to share my flavor tests each month in my monthly wrap up.

If you want to check out Jeni's for yourself- here is the link to their page:

**FYI: Jeni's does not know I exist.  I just decided to share Jeni's with my group of three readers because firstly- Jeni's is amazing and secondly everyone could use a little more ice cream in their life.   I do believe that if Jeni's was shared with the world- world peace might just be possible.

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