Saturday, June 2, 2012

May Wrap Up

May has been a good month.  There have been calm moments, happy moments, peaceful moments and moments where tears have been shed.   There also may have been moments where teeny tiny itty bitty temper tantrums have been thrown as well.  But not by me- of course.  

I always find these sayings all over facebook and Pinterest.  And some of them just speak to me and my soul.   This would be one of them.  I like to think of myself as a spontaneous, spur of the moment, type girl.   But, alas, I am not.  Why else would I carry a purse that weighs five hundred pounds? That way I can be prepared for anything.  Wipes- got them.  Anti-bacterial- fear not.  Chap stick- I got five to choose from.  Books- kindle- of course (but more on that later). Charger- phone, kindle, emergency phone. I have them all.  Pens- ummmmmm I may have a slight problem with collecting pens, but we shall not talk about that now.  

I was especially daring this month.   I tried seafood.  And I am not talking about the Fish and Chips thing- because I already have that down pat.   No, I tried real seafood.   The mussel kind of seafood.  The kind that I would always convulse at the idea of trying.  But I did.  And I enjoyed it.   They did have a slight texture-thing going on.  I tried not to think of that too much.  But the mussels were tender and the sauce they were prepared in helped pave the way to success.   However, I did not like those weird sausage things that were scattered in there.  Yuck.  (and yes I know only four year old children say Yuck.)

My culinary adventures were vast this month.   I was also introduced to Cookie Butter from Trader Joe's.   Oh My.   It is all I can say.  I can imagine that there are all kinds of amazing things you could do with this from spreading it on cookies to baking with it.  But, I just ate it with a spoon.  And sometimes with a fork if that is all I had.   It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.   I will always try to keep you up to date on the most tasty of things and so with urgency I encourage you to run to Trader Joe's to get some of this.

There were also tragedies this month.   My kindle died on me.   Dead. Dead as a door nail dead.   I got mad.  I "may" have called Amazon and ranted a little.  Just a little.  I am upset that this kindle is only a couple of year old and it seems far too soon for it to have died on me.  But, despite my frustration, I know I will end  up getting another one.   Because I love my kindle.  I love reading on the sofa.  I love reading while waiting in the car.  I love reading anywhere and anytime.

I also did bake some this month.  I tried out a new recipe combination.   Banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.  And they were GOOD.   I will surely post more about these later.

May was also a busy month in the office.  Surely you can see how productive we have been by the below picture.   I think May has been the month of office pranks.    I do admit the office filled with balloons was the best.   I remember hearing Fred walk into his office after seeing what happened and all I could hear was "pop" "pop" "pop".  But I give the guy credit.  He worked all day in that office with those balloons around him!

I am still day dreaming about getting a new camera.  One that I am convinced will instantaneously make me an amazing photographer.  cough cough.  However, I am always pleased when I manage to take a picture on my I phone that catches my breath.   This is one of them.   I love the weathered look of the house, the creeping vine and the brick contrast.   I just hope that I continue to live life looking around me instead  of running through life looking down.   Because if I do, I am sure that I will catch more gems like this.

Enjoy life.  Be kind and good to others.   Smile and be with friends and loved ones.  And say Thank you.



  1. May was really interesting for you Marci! I <3 LOVE <3 the quote. You're much braver than me for trying the mussels--not in this life or the 3 after. I now want some cookie butter & if it taste anything like cookie dough, my Summer plan will have to become a Fall plan! Booooooo to Amazon.... Is there an app for Kindle on iPhone? Android has one & I get all of my books on there too. Just a thought.
    Thanks for the GREAT prank ideas. Balloons & Post-its are looking real good! & if this is what you iPhone skills look like, you'd be deadly w/a camera :-)
    Finally--remember, while I don't like real bananas (it's a texture thing), I worship banana flavor (even if it comes from real bananas). I can only imagine how dee-lish they were Twin! *hint hint*

    1. Twin- Thank you. You always make my day with your comments, kindness and spirit. I need to see you SOON!!!