Monday, May 28, 2012

There's A Cookie Inside of this Cookie......

This past weekend I made up a double batch of goodness- goodness in the form of sugar.   One batch of these lovelies went to a co-worker for her belated birthday and another batch went with me to the park.  

These cookies are amazing- that is if you like homemade chocolate chip cookies combined with creamy chocolaty oreo cookies.  I must admit that these cookies are not to be taken lightly and will likely need milk intervention.  I ate half of a cookie and literally felt the sugar hitting my bloodstream.  And these cookies have some heft to them as well.   

Here is a quick snapshot of the cookies right from the oven.

If you want to make up some of these bad boys for yourself here is the link.  Picky Palate has some amazing recipes on her site and I definitely plan on testing some more out.  She also has a recipe for a mini Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookie as well- Just in case you can't handle the full size madness.

So I leave you with this quote as a friend said to me as she was eating her cookie- "there is a cookie inside of this cookie!!!"

Enjoy the yumminess.

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