Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Musings

Recap of the wonderful month of April.....

I had a birthday.... And yes I am now old.   Don't ask how old. Please.  But, I did celebrate with lots and lots of sugar.   Sugar in the form of cookies and cupcakes.   My friends and co-workers surely do know how to make a girl feel special and spoiled.   

And after consuming sugar I went to visit my sister.   I fell asleep in the car.... several times... Luckily my Mom was driving and not me.   While I was visiting my sister we took some walks with the twins.   And let me warn you it is a process getting ready for a walk with the twins.  It goes something like this: shoes- check, jackets- check, hats- check, snacks-check, sippy cups-check, shoes-check.  And yes shoes are there twice for a reason.  Because you may have put the shoes on to start, but by the time you reached the end of your checklist the shoes were off again.  And the twins have discovered zippers, so if you were quick enough to get out the door with the jackets still on- Kudos to you!

I did get this incredible picture at the lake.  It was stunning day.

It is also important to document that I fell in love.. in love with Ryan Gosling.  You see- Ryan Gosling "gets" social workers.   Sigh.

Also, this April spring came.  She was a little early, but she came.  And then she went away.  I am hoping to see spring again this May cause she was purty while she was here.

Lastly, I had a life changing experience.   I was introduced to stroopwafels.  Oh my.   I am thankful for this crispy, buttery, caramel-ly, hint of cinnamon yumminess.  And I am also thankful for Dutch Fellows who bring me in yummy treats to try.

I did do some baking this month as well.  But I only baked cookies- chocolate chip and Snickerdoodle to be exact.   May will bring more baking adventures as I found some recipes to try for Mother's Day brunch.  


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