Sunday, July 8, 2012

June Madness

For some reason June just seemed to fly by.  I am not sure how, but it sure did.   June was a pretty busy month.  Work and many weekend commitments seemed to make it more "mad" than usual.  

But as always, I find time for food and fun.   I am sure I did some baking this month.  Although by the lack of blog postings, I cannot show any evidence of this.   But, that is the great thing about a blog.  It is my blog and I can blog when and how I want to.  Now, I may not have any followers and I betcha many hard core bloggers find my lack of baking and posting of recipes shameful, but eh- life is like that sometimes.   

I did find a delightful treat this month that I just HAD to share with you.  Mint M&M's.   I do not know how I managed to miss these yummies for so long, but I am telling you about them now.  I like to eat them after meals because they remind me of an after dinner mint.  Now, I am not sure how many people eat a whole package of "after dinner mints", but I always have been a special one.   Anything mint flavored is sure to be a favorite of mine and these do not disappoint.   

I also have had some stress and anxiety this month.  My cat, Thumper, has had a few medical scares.   She is older and recently had two emergency tooth extractions.  I am still not quite sure she has bounced back as well as I would like her to, but I am trying to be patient as she takes time to heal.   Here she is sticking her tongue out at me.   Actually, it is kinda cute, but she does poke her tongue out more than ever.  I am sure that it is because one of her major canines were removed.

I also participated this month as a walker in Columbus's Pride Parade.  I walked with the OSU College of Social Work.  I graduated from OSU with my Masters and was so happy to walk with such an amazing group of students, faculty and allies.   It was a hot, hot day, but worth it because I truly believe in what social workers do and was proud to walk as an ally in Pride.

I seem to find a funny or two every month that tickles my fancy and this one was the winner for June.   I cannot possibly say anything more except- yep.... It's true.....

And I leave you all with a picture I took while walking around my nephew's neighborhood.    I am not sure whose house this is, but I loved the way the ivy was climbing up the wood and tangled around the metal numbering.

Hope everyone has had a safe and happy Fourth of July! 


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