Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Color Run

It feels like July is flying by.  I have had a lot of fun activities planned for July and have been trying to take advantage of as many activities that Columbus has to offer.  

This past weekend I took part in The Color Run.   This was truly the most amazing experience ever.  I loved every minute of it and am so grateful that I was able to partake in such a positive event. I am not a runner and I do not think that I ever will be and this event was perfect for me.  It was still a 5k, but the event stresses that all are welcome to participate regardless of age or ability.   It was amazing to see all of the kids, babies, older and younger adults alike walking, running and skipping to this event.   

I hope that I get another opportunity to participate in this event.  

 I was running late that morning (imagine that??) since I was meeting a co-worker at 7:30 am to carpool.   So of course, I barely managed to dress myself and did not get to apply my Color Run tattoo.  But Sophie and her family did and they looked adorable.

Here is a before shot.   Note how nice and clean we all look.

Here is a shot of the color powder that is showered on you at each color pit stop.   First we went through Blue, then Pink, Orange and lastly yellow.

Here is my praying mantis look.

I know I look silly and I did learn that headbands are really not a good look for me.

But, I could not have asked for a better time.

And now I have a souvenir and evidence that I completed my first 5k.   Walking- of course.

I promise to share some goodies that I have been baking this month soon.
Does anyone know of any other no pressure, not timed, 5k walks that I could look into?

Hope everyone is having a great month.  


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