Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Fourth of July...... A week late......

I had a great Fourth of July.   I was a little sad that we had to pack so much fun into a one day time frame in the middle of the week.  Personally, I think we all should start a petition to outlaw holidays that fall in the middle of the week.  All holidays should fall on a Friday or Monday.  After all, who doesn't need more three day weekends in their life?  It may mean the the Fourth of July is really not on the fourth because I am not quite sure that we can rearrange the calendar.  Now that I think about it, it might not be such a good idea to celebrate the Fourth of July on the Tenth of July (for example).   It feels very un-American.   So forget I said anything at all. 

But despite feeling overwhelmed with all the mid week celebrations, I had a great time.   I went to Red White & Boom on Tuesday night downtown.  I met up with some friends and watched the fireworks from Huntington Park downtown.   It was a fabulous fireworks show despite it being 100 degrees or so outside.   

After the fireworks, I went to see Magic Mike with some girlfriends.   The Arena District theater was offering $5 movies after the fireworks.  Personally, this movie thing was a great deal.  I was all hot and sweaty after being outside all night in the heat surrounded by hundreds of people.  The theater was a great way to cool off.   Plus, I avoided all of the crazy traffic after the fireworks.   Can you imagine 500,000 people trying to leave the downtown area at once.   I can and it is not a pretty image at all.   After you picture that just picture me- one of the most impatient people ever- pulling out my hair- one-strand-at-a-time......

But back to Magic Mike..... No words....  I laughed. I covered my eyes.  I laughed some more.   I probably laughed at parts where you were not supposed to laugh.   I also am not sure I can ever see Matthew McConaughey again without cringing.   And laughing.

I did go see some local fireworks on the Fourth.   It was still very hot that day.  So I needed to make some goodies to share that would hold up the heat.   So I decided to make this recipe from Kevin & Amanda.   These were homemade honey roasted peanut butter cookies.   

I will warn you that this recipe makes quite a few cookies.  I saved quite a few for my co-workers on Thursday.   To be honest, these were not my favorite peanut butter cookies, but my co-workers enjoyed them.  And I do tend to be my own worst critic when it comes to my baking.   So ignore me and give these cookies a whirl for yourself.   

I hope you had a safe and happy Fourth.   Leave me a comment and let me know what you did.  If you plans were super fun let me know and maybe I will crash your Fourth next year!!!


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