Saturday, January 26, 2013

Random Saturday Thoughts

Random Thoughts for a Saturday....

I should be baking something or taking pictures of something so you don't think of me as just Suzy Social Worker... and Forget the Betty Crocker part....

I should be cleaning my house but I really don't feel like it.

I have adorable valentine cookies waiting to be iced, but I am cozy right now on my sofa.  

Reasons why I love Saturdays: sleeping in, hot bubble baths, not doing my hair, reading my kindle uninterrupted for long periods of time, catching up on TV shows (Downton Abbey!!), and staying in my flannel pants for most of the day.  

Things most people do on Saturday that I avoid- grocery shopping (heck no!!), cleaning, laundry (ok-I do this every once in a while on a Saturday), clean their cars, shovel their sidewalks (ahem....), clean their bathrooms (double ahem.....) etc.  

Things that make me laugh...  This cat poster below.

More random thoughts for a Saturday.  I have been wanting to get a blender.... I don't really have the type of money right now for a blender except for the Hamilton Beach $14.99 variety from Walmart.  I have already tried that variety and it broke right in the middle of margarita time.  Not Cool.

So, when I win the lottery and buy myself a blender what kind should I get?   I understand there is a bit of a blender war going on out there... The war of the Blendtec vs. Vita-mix.   I take no sides in this war.  I am Switzerland.   Minus the chocolate part.  Cause I already ate all the chocolate.  


So what side are you on?  Do you prefer one over the other?  Both are expensive- so don't worry yourself too much. I won't be rushing out to make any rash decisions just yet.   And to be completely honest- I want to jump on the I-am-putting-kale-and-bananas-together-for-breakfast-bandwagon but I am not sure if I am ready to drink green drinks yet.

And my last random thought for this Saturday.  Is everyone as obsessed with twine as much as I am?  And don't even get my started on my love for Washi tape.....

I promise to share some baked goodies soon.   I have been thinking of recreating my Blueberry French Toast blog post.   It has had quite a few hits on Pinterest, but I cringe every time I see the picture.   It was pre-nice-camera.   I still don't know how to use my nice camera, but I still may recreate it just for my poor ego's sake.  

I also hope to someday try adding on some better buttons to my blog page.   I follow Simply Sweets By Honeybee and she has a post with some helpful hints.  Thanks Melissa!  

Everyone have a safe and happy weekend filled with cooking, cleaning or just relaxing!!


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  1. Try they green smoothies! I make mine with 2 cups of spinach, 1/2 a cup of chopped pineapple, a pear & 8 oz of green tea sweetened with Truvia. SOOOO good!

    I can't afford a Blendtec or Vitamix either, so I bought a Ninja, and I totally love it! It was much more reasonable than the high end blenders, but it still is phenomenal!