Saturday, January 19, 2013

My growing tool basket....

I recently had some fun shopping at my version of Lowe's.   All you bakers and cooks out there know what I mean.   You know... that tingle you get when you walk by a Williams-Sonoma.   Or the joy you feel when you get a new baking tool that you have been coveting for a long period of time.   How about the smile you get on your face when you find a gadget that fulfills all your cooking dreams.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I still love shoes... and purses... scarves... and makeup.   I still do love those things and they still make my heart pitter patter.  But, I also am a baker.  And bakers have a whole slew of gadgets and gizmos to get the blood boiling.   

Here are a few of the fun items that I have bought recently thanks to some lovely gift cards.   

From left to right: flat wisk, purple Better Batter Wisk, Kuhn Rikon Corn Zipper, Kuhn Rikon double Peeler and wooden dowel.  All tools except for the Corn Zipper were bought at Sur La Table.   The Corn Zipper was bought at Williams-Sonoma.

Look at that flat wisk.   I know that it will be able to wisk every nook and cranny of my cast iron skillet.  I also intend to perfect my own gravy with it.   And that purple Better Beater.   It really is fun!!  I made waffles recently and wisked my batter to perfection.  

Now, onto that corn zipper.   I haven't had the chance to test this one out yet.  I cannot wait for summer- Ohio Corn is the best.   Remember my post on the Corn Festival?  Well, that is Ohio in the summer.   Sweet fresh corn, hot donuts and fair rides.    Summers in Ohio are the best and filled with festivals and events.   Winter in Ohio.... uhhh I am not quite sure as I am hibernating right now.

See that zippy little red peeler.  I am going to test it out this weekend. I have a butternut squash that is waiting to be roasted.   Last time I peeled a squash I almost  lost a few fingers so I am very grateful to find it.   I actually looked at my peelers in the drawer and I have quite a few.   Five now to be exact including these two.   I also have a tomato peeler.   It's teeth are very zesty....  And my new red peeler is a dual one- I can switch blades easily.  

And my new dowel.   I tested it out already on some cookie dough.   Sigh.  It was lovely.   I still love my marble rolling pin, but I may cheat a little with this new beauty.

These are not necessarily my all time favorite baking & cooking tools, but I am excited to add them to my tool collection.  Do you have any favorite cooking or baking tools?

Longing for Summer Corn,


  1. I'm jealous. I love cooking toys. :)

  2. A corn zipper?!?! How did I not know that such a cool cooking invention existed? neat!

  3. I too love Williams-Sonoma. How are you loving your new tools so far? Great post.