Monday, September 10, 2012

Almost the end of summer wrap up

August was a busy month.  And it seemed to fly by.  And it is already mid September.   I am feeling a little bittersweet.  I am feeling a little bad now about cursing summer a few weeks ago.  But, then again, it was 100 degrees out with not a hint of relief in sight.   Now, the temperatures are perfect.  The days are around 80 degrees and the nights have been cooler.  Like-sleep-with-your-windows-open cool.   It has been wonderful.   I love fall and look forward to fall every year, but I do admit that I am a little sad about letting go of these beautiful days.   

This past August, I participated in Kayak for a Cure.  A co-worker convinced me that it would be a fun time.  And it was.  I don't know if you know this about me yet, but, I am not a very athletic type of girl.  In fact, I am more like a curl up with a book and cookie type of girl.   So kayaking was bound to be amusing.   I have kayaked a couple of times before but for very brief periods of time.  Luckily, this turned out to be a brief trip as well.   

I actually enjoyed the kayaking quite a bit.  I do think that the surrounding water and landscape was lacking some.   We kayaked downtown on the Scioto.  And it was STINKY.  I think I am a clear river stream- think Brad Pitt in a River Runs Through It- type of girl.  But I coped.  Somehow.  

In August, I also went to the Annual Grove City Balloons and Tunes Festival.  I missed this festival last year, but made it again this year.   It was a little windy this year and as a result the balloon show as not as impressive as in the past.

But, as usual, the balloon glow did not disappoint.  At night, there is nothing like the sight of a hot air balloon glowing in the dusk.  Stunning.  

Since it was too windy for many of the balloons, there were plenty of balloon owners on hand to talk about the craft of hot air balloons. 

I also know that the end of summer brings about the Millersport Corn Festival.   This Corn Festival is an annual tradition.  It has all of my favorite things in one place- food, people watching, corn, donuts and more food.

But seriously, the donuts at the Corn Festival are a BIG thing.   The best part of this festival is that the proceeds go to the non-profits that help run the concession and game booths.  The donuts- in my humble opinion  are one of the biggest fundraisers.   These donuts are amazing- cake style donuts made fresh with a delicious glaze or topping on them.     The vanilla and chocolate glaze ones are my favorite.

It was supposed to storm that night and the sky was amazing all night long.  Here is a shot I took as we arrived at the festival.

And here is the crowning glory- the sweet corn.    They have long stand up tables where you can salt and eat your corn.   The best part.  Standing with a group of great friends and all squealing as we squirt corn juice on each other from each juicy bite.

No festival is complete without candy apples.

Or a tilt a wheel ride.   Especially with an amazing sky in the back.

So long Sweet Corn Festival.  Till next year.  I will try not to eat two dozen donuts again. Perhaps, I will have developed some will power by then.  

 Despite eating my weight in corn and donuts...... I leave you with this.

Hope everyone is having a great end to summer.    I can't wait for all the fall fun to begin.  Hayrides, Haunted Houses, Pumpkins, apple picking..... ohhh I could go on.


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