Sunday, September 2, 2012

Farmers Market

I realized that August has been a busy month and I have fallen behind in all of my August posts.   So, in typical Marci fashion, I will be sharing August posts in September.   And to be honest, this post is not really about anything in particular.   It is just about color, flavors and smells.   Because I love farmers markets because they tease all my senses.

In Columbus, we are fortunate to have a great many of local farmers markets.  Clintonville has a beautiful one.   Worthington has always been one of my favorites and more recently, my place of employment has offered a farmers market every couple of weeks.   It is still a very small affair with only a handful of vendors there.   But, they do not disappoint with their selection of beauties.  

Take a look at these.   Can you just imagine that burst of flavor in your mouth.   And see those tiny pale orange round ones.  They are called Sun Gold Tomatoes.  And they are AMAZING.   The first burst of flavor is sweet, but the second wave of flavor is classic tomato with a twist.   Truly delicious. 

Look at these tomato beauties.   I did not get to try these, but the color striation is beautiful.

Look at these baby eggplant.   Every shade of purple imaginable.

And baby cabbages so tiny they fit in your hand perfectly.   I need my sister in law to make me her famed cabbage dish.  And SOON!

And I am not sure if these are more eggplant or not.  But, whatever they are- they are beautiful.   Almost too beautiful to eat.

Peppers.  Peppers and more peppers.   If you love peppers you would love the selection here.   My delicate (ahem) stomach cannot handle peppers.  I tend to burp them up later.   Like much much later.  Like you really do not want to be eating peppers this many hours later.   So, I try to limit my pepper intake.

And more pepper- the hot kind and tomatoes.

Again, there was no point at all of this post other than for me to ooh and ahh again at all the colors and smells that a Farmers Market brings.   Do you have any favorite Farmers Markets in your area?


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