Saturday, January 5, 2013

December 2012

Another year has come and gone.  Another Christmas has come and gone as well.   I think that I have cleaned up the last of the wrapping paper, bows and ribbons.   I think that I have boxed up all of the decorations.   I hope that I have vacuumed up the last pine needle, but every year I find a surprise lurking.    Whether it be a stray gift bag that was tucked by the sofa, or a Winter candle that I could not bear to part with yet- Christmas lingers on.   

I was able to spend Christmas this year with my sister and my two adorable twin nephews.  It was such an amazing experience to wake up with them on Christmas Day and see their faces when Santa came.  

I played a lot of trains this past December.   Trains are big with my nephews right now- all of them.  

I was glad to see that Dad was there with us in spirit and in our hearts.   I don't think we could ever lose the parts of Dad that are with us still.

The twins are such good helpers.  They received some new "tools" for Christmas and could not wait to try them out.  

This is sweet little Romance Pie.   He was sick when this photo was taken.    What could possibly make a sick child feel better than watching train videos on the Ipad? Nothing.... except maybe popsicles.   And cookies.

My Doodle bug may have gotten the sweetest little surprise ever this Christmas.  Meet Panda. I think that her name was originally Blacky, whitey, whitey, blacky or something like that.   It was shortened to Panda. She is quite possibly the sweetest and gentlest guinea pig ever.   And she loves loves loves cilantro.   Which also makes her the smartest guinea pig ever!!

I had some friends over before Christmas and we decorated some cookies.   This is Sophie trying her hand at marbling.    We had so much fun.   We may not have had perfect cookies, but we had a perfect time decorating them.  

Here are a few of the cookies we made.    It was late by the time we were done and I did not get a chance to take any "nice" photos of the finished cookies.  

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.   I know that 2013 will be a fabulous year and I am looking forward to sharing all of my adventures with you.  


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