Friday, December 28, 2012

Keurig Hot Chocolate.... aka My sister is a Genius.

This past week I was at my sister's house enjoying Christmas and two adorable twin boys.   I may have eaten a little too much ham and may have watched Polar Express a million times or so.   But, one thing I did not do was drink too much coffee and creamer.  Not me.   I definitely did not need this infusion of caffeine after a night of playing trains with twin boys. So we may have used the Keurig- a lot.  And, one night while sitting by the fireplace- I really want a fireplace BTW- my sister made me some hot cocoa.   

Now, hear me out on this.  I love hot cocoa.  But- I only love hot cocoa when it is made with milk.   That watered down stuff that others try to pass off as hot cocoa.  Blech.  And the first time I tried the Keurig hot cocoa- I found it a little too watered down for my tastes as well.   But, my sister had the secret.   She adds some coffee creamer to her hot cocoa.   And it definitely makes a difference.   So I had to pass along this secret to making a watered down cup of hot cocoa creamy and delicious.  

Now, don't be afraid to add creamer to your cocoa.  It definitely needs a generous splash.   And if you're me- a very, very generous splash.   The best part- you can create your own flavored cocoa by adding fun flavors of creamer.   My sister had sugar cookie- mmmmmmm.... I love Natural Bliss Sweet Cream, but this peppermint mocha was delicious as well.

Now, I can enjoy a hot cup of cocoa with a hint of creamy deliciousness from my Keurig.


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