Saturday, December 1, 2012


I have so much to be thankful for this year.  I was very thankful that I was able to spend another Thanksgiving with family.   

I made these sugar cookies for a Woodland themed Thanksgiving with my sister.  Thanksgiving morning I was sitting down to take a couple of pictures of my cookies.   I think I got one picture in before I was joined by a cutie pie.... 

And this is what happened next...

As much as I wanted a picture of my cookies- I got something so much more precious.

And these two little cuties loved my cookies.

Not only are deer cookies good to eat, but they are also fun to play with.

Sweet little boy hands holding my cookies.

Once "Pie" caught onto the fact I was taking pictures of him- this was the face that I got.   "No CiCi- No more pit-tures".

I loved seeing this one run around with a cookie in each hand.

And this is the best picture of all.   Cookies gone.  Love.

This blog post is dedicated to my dear sweet nephews whom I love dearly.  My life changed forever with each one of you.  Love you Doodles, Cake Butt and Pie.

Aunt CiCi (Marci)